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“ Web Stuff Week Ending , 2018
• Critical Role
• Jacksepticeye
•  RWBY +1
•  Markiplier −1
•  AmazingPhil +6
•  Homestuck −1
•  The Adventure Zone +2
•  Daniel Howell +2
•  BuzzFeed Unvolved −1
•  Camp Camp −4
•  Thomas Sander −4
• The...


Web Stuff

Week Ending , 2018

  1. Critical Role
  2. Jacksepticeye
  3. RWBY +1
  4. Markiplier −1
  5. AmazingPhil +6
  6. Homestuck −1
  7. The Adventure Zone +2
  8. Daniel Howell +2
  9. BuzzFeed Unvolved −1
  10. Camp Camp −4
  11. Thomas Sander −4
  12. The Hillywood Show
  13. My Brother, My Brother, and Me +6
  14. Achievement Hunter +1
  15. The Dolan Twins +3
  16. Shane Dawson −4
  17. Eddsworld
  18. Seth Everman −4
  19. Cow Chop
  20. Hatsune Miku

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name or title moved up or down from the previous week. The ones in bold weren’t on the list last week.


Originally posted by destiel2-2cockles


You guys did it!!!!  You made Hillywood trend with Supernatural Parody 2!  Thank you!!!  Keep it up!



marvel: infinity war is the most ambitious crossover event in history

@thehillywoodshow: hold my tea

hillywood: *proceeds to release ten minutes of hilarious cameos and boppin’ music*



Fist Bumps [x]

One of the many reasons I love these guys. And the whole cast… how many actors do you know would willingly act in a parody? Hillywood is a group for fans and funded by fans. It’s beautiful to see these actors willingly coming on set and filming for the fans and for Hillywood. Look how much fun the y all had! ❤️



Along with Hilly dressed as Dean freaking flooring me with that combined beauty